Demolition FAQ's

What environmental issues should I consider before beginning a demolition project?

Demolition activities can impact many hazardous materials that KEERS is fully trained and qualified to remove. Whether asbestos, lead paint, PCB's, mercury, the K Team works with clients in designing a complete process in addressing hazards safely. We take every possible opportunity to provide value to our clients by delivering a diverse offering of services.

Does KEERS take responsibility for obtaining the appropriate permits related to demolition and renovation projects?

Yes! Keers is licensed by applicable regulatory and licensing agencies including but not limited to EPA and CDPHE.

Why can't I just knock my own structure down?

Proper environmental management can prevent immediate and future health issues. Small steps can make a big difference and Keers is here to help clients through the process and eliminate ongoing exposure potentials.

How does KEERS manage material control removal during and after a demolition?

We design controlled environments to prevent the release and exposure of hazards during and after demolition. By properly controlling the materials at the demolition site KEERS ensures that future events such as lead paint chips left in soil, will be avoided.