Mold Remediation

Mold has long been known to carry serious health risks. When mold infects a facility, it finds sources of moisture and proliferates, contributing to what is known as "sick building syndrome". Heating, ventilation, and air-condition (HVAC) systems become contaminated, spreading fungal spores throughout the building.

1. Containing the affected area

2. Removing all contamination

3. Cleaning the site

 It is important to select a company that will remediate all mold carefully and thoroughly.

Keers has extensive experience in indoor air quality and mold remediation. We can help you identify the sources of mold contamination and even help you pinpoint future problem areas.

Our remediation methods include specialized remediation techniques, air cleansing, HVAC decontamination, and removing/repairing mold infested areas. With Keers at your side, youcan keep your facility and its occupants safe and healthy.