Water Restoration

What Is Water Restoration?

When water damages your commercial or government property, the damage it causes will continue to escalate the longer materials or personal possessions are allowed to remain wet.There are definite health risks involved with water damage. Long-term water damage can possibly lead to toxic mold growth.

Mold can begin to grow in as little as 48-72 hours. This is why you must take immediate action to remove any water and dry out the structure. The longer your belongings and building materials stay saturated with water, the greater the risk is that they will be destroyed and/or mold growth will start.

 What You Can Expect When You Call Keers

Every disaster situation is unique. Our  remediation professionals have seen it all and have the knowledge, training, and specialized equipment needed to provide a quick and efficient solution to your unique problem.

 Our 5-Step Process

 The Reliable Water Damage Restoration Company You Are Looking For

The flood is over, and it is time to think about what water damage restoration your commercial property needs. It’s essential to start the water cleanup, drying, mitigation, and repair immediately to prevent mold growth.

Our flood damage restoration company offers a wide variety of services that will restore your home/office to its former condition. Going it alone and trying to repair the water damage yourself or worse, ignoring what has happened to your building in the belief that, when it dries out, everything will be fine, may lead to a far worse condition than the original water damage itself. Let our licensed team help you! In addition to restoring damage caused by water, we also offer asbestos and mold removal.

 It's Very Important to Act Quickly

Whether your water damage is caused by flooding, a broken water line, or sewage backup, whenever there is a large area affected or the area is exposed to water damage for more than 24 hours, it is highly recommended that a certified company perform cleanup and restoration. You could reduce your losses by preventing long-term problems like mold, structural damage, among other things.