Lead Paint: Another threat you should be concerned about

Lead is highly toxic metal that was used for years in paint, pipe solder, caulking, ceramics and other building products.

Lead contaminated soil and dust generated from construction activities can be a major health risk that effects the human nervous system. Lead can also cause a wide range of health effects, from behavioral problems and learning disabilities, to seizures and death.

Like asbestos, lead identification and removal is highly regulated by USEPA, USHUD, OSHA as well as state/local health agencies. Penalties for non-compliance can be severe.

30 years of innovation

As one of the oldest asbestos and lead abatement contractors in the nation, Keers has led the way with innovative assessment/survey information that you need to protect people’s health during facility renovation/demolition projects. Keers seamless follow-on safe asbestos/lead abatement best practices assures a successful project outcome. In addition, Keers has developed labor reducing technologies that save money on your project.

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Our commitment to health protection, best work practices, regulatory compliance, client communication and detailed project execution has made us the top choice of hundreds of facility owners/operators. Clients have used our environmental services on over 20,000 projects. Rest assured that we’ll do the same for you.