About Us

After moving from Minnesota during the 1950s. Robert (Bob) Keers started his painting company in New Mexico in 1960. Flat broke at the time, He borrowed the money he and his wife had set aside for the their child to start his business out of the back of the family station wagon.

The company was successful and grew during the 60s and 70s and pioneered many new technologies of the era including sprayed insulation, sandblasting and coatings.

Due to experience with personal protective equipment and dust-handling knowledge, the company was chosen to complete one of the first asbestos abatement projects in the nation in the early 80’s. The paint company eventually gave way to the burgeoning demand for environmental remediation services and Keers was established.

Even though the company has changed hands and has a new name. Keers Remediation’s current management continues the tradition of quality services, fair pricing, regulatory compliance and attention-to-detail established by our founders.

The trusted name in the business

For over 30 years, Keers has been providing quality environmental and facility services throughout the Southwest. We have been pioneers in the asbestos, lead and mold remediation industry. We have grown our service offerings to include a complete package, including: assessment/testing, consulting, decontamination, remediation, demolition and disposal of all toxic materials.

Our services reduce health risk and liability exposure. In an industry where companies frequently come and go, Keers is widely recognized as a trusted industry leader you can count on

Experience you can count on

Here are four reasons why more than 3000 organizations have retained Keers to successfully complete over 20,000 projects. No one has more experience in this risky business you definitely want to hire experience.

    1. Our project delivery team assembles the exact team of specialists and technology needed for each individual project leading to  cost-savings.
    2. Our proprietary QualPRO® quality assurance system ensures quality and regulatory checks for every step of your project.
    3. Our proprietary Keers ProDoc™ project documentation system documents important regulatory and liability information for your safe keeping and protection.
    4. With the completion of over 20,000 successful projects, Keers brings experience, technology, know-how, and value to your protect.