Building Demolition

Keers' demolition teams have successfully demolished hundreds of buildings.

Our experienced staff understands that safe and successful controlled demolition requires careful planning and action. As a result, our safety record is excellent.

We get the necessary permits, create a work plan and establish a project schedule so every detail is handled. Demolition is then quick, and safe.

We also recycle as many materials as possible to help out the environment and save you money..

Dust-Free Controlled Demolition

• Meet and coordinate with your General Contractor and/or facility staff to understand your renovation and demolition plans.
• Isolation of HVAC system.
• Temporary partitions between construction and non-construction areas.
• Critical taped-in-place plastic barriers over openings
• Identification and protection of euuipment furnishings in construction areas that will remain operational or can’t be relocated.
• Secure the work area and post warning signs to keep people out.
• Use of HEPA filtration machines within the work area to create a negative pressure environment in which dust cannot escape.d!