We provide a wide range of facility decontamination services to help you operate environmentally clean and safe facilities.

Our experienced decontamination teams can assist you with our proven methods that meet regulatory industry standards.


Unfortunately, we live in and environment where there are several known biological threatsthat can affect the health of facility occupants. We decontaminate:.

    • Hantavirus

    • Pathogenic Bacteria 

    • Particulate Matter/Allergens 

    • Swine Flu 

    • Chalamydiosis (pigeon fecal dust) & Cryptococcosis Fungis 

    • Rodent Fecal Matter

HVAC Contamination:

Poorly maintained heating, ventilating, and air conditioning are prime place for bacteria, fungi, mold, and dust mites to grow and propagate. Such pollutants can cause serious health problems. Careful evaluation of your HVAC system is necessary to identify illness-causing contamination. We can correct and problems using powerful HEPA filtered vacuum systems and scrubbing devices that leave your system clean and safe.

Industrial Pollutants:

We can decontaminate a wide array of pollutants including acids/caustics, solvents, metals, PCB’s, radiological and process pollutants.